6.2 Response Header Fields

The response-header fields allow the server to pass additional information about the response which cannot be placed in the Status- Line. These header fields give information about the server and about further access to the resource identified by the Request-URI.


= Accept-Ranges

; Section 14.5

| Age

; Section 14.6

| ETag

; Section 14.19

| Location

; Section 14.30

| Proxy-Authenticate

; Section 14.33

| Retry-After

; Section 14.37

| Serve

; Section 14.38

| Vary

; Section 14.44

| WWW-Authenticate

; Section 14.47

Response-header field names can be extended reliably only in combination with a change in the protocol version. However, new or experimental header fields MAY be given the semantics of response- header fields if all parties in the communication recognize them to be response-header fields. Unrecognized header fields are treated as entity-header fields.