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Connections Page

A Sample View

The following is a snapshot of the outgoing and incoming 1-NET connection list page. It contains a list of established connections in two directions between two endpoints.

It contains one connection in each direction.

Figure: Outgoing & Incoming connection lists.

Page Components

  • Add a outgoing connection.
  • Remove a connection or all connections in a direction, depending on where it is located.
  • Chanage the name of the connection.
  • /
    Toggle between "Use P2P channel" and "Use relay channel". The former transmits data over an peer to peer data channel and the later does so via a set of intermediate relay services. This option is only available to account that has P2P data channel opened, like the current one, and also between endpoints that both support P2P data channel. P2P data channel is used by default when possible. However, P2P channels may fail in certain networking environments. When this happens, one can switch to the data relay channel using the current button.

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